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Sliding Windows NJ Can Help with Your Next Home Restoration Project

Here at Sliding Windows NJ, we obviously specialize in windows and doors, but that’s hardly all we do. While our team of salespeople and installers can help explain the difference between a double pane window and a casement window, that’s really just the beginning. We are also skilled installers of a number of other home improvement amenities, from cabinets and plumbing fixtures to flooring and outdoor improvements. We can do all of these tasks for a cheap price that might surprise you, and of course our cheap prices on the products themselves extend from windows to these other items. We have been a partner of Garden State homeowners looking to update or improve their houses for years now, and we know that we can be of service to you as well. Our team is well-equipped to make any installation a breeze, and we will do it in a professional and courteous manner as well. Give us a call today at 973-446-2475, and see why Sliding Windows NJ has been known as the best home improvement partner in New Jersey for years.

Our teams of salespeople and installers have the benefits of years of experience, training, and skill. They put these skills to work for you, resulting in the best home improvement experience you could ever hope for. Our installer teams undergo rigorous training and certification processes, and they continue training for years into their careers. They are constantly kept abreast of the latest materials that manufacturers offer for sale. In doing so, they can keep in touch with the manufacturer specifications and guidelines, ensuring that they never miss a beat during installation. They will leave your home looking better than ever, and the only way you will know that they were there is your gleaming new windows and home renovation updates. Give us a call today, and talk with our seasoned customer service professionals about why Sliding Windows NJ is your new favorite home improvement partner.

We work with exterior renovations all the time, including siding and roofing. Not sure what the difference between wood, vinyl, and PVC siding even is? Our sales team knows, and they know the advantages and disadvantages to every item that we have for sale. Thinking that maybe insulated siding could be the best choice for you? Our sales team can explain why that might be the best choice if energy efficiency is what you’re after. We can also work with roofs, performing leak detection or installing new shingles after a hailstorm causes some damage to your home. We can also do whole room remodels, from the installation of the best plumbing fixtures to flooring that needs to be updated or sanded. The sky’s the limit for how we can help you with your next home remodeling project. We have years of experience, and have worked hard for our reputation. So, give us a call today and let our customer service team explain how we can be of service.

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